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SG1 Event Horizon Podcast


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Pilot Episode

Episode 0: Get to know the Gaters

Silvana and Tegan are re-watching, dissecting, and gushing over every episode of Stargate SG-1, but who are Silvana and Tegan? And why did they even want to start a podcast about a show that stopped airing over 10 years ago? Well listen in to find out!

Get to know the GatersSG1 Event Horizon Podcast
00:00 / 40:29

Recent Episode

Bonus Episode 26: Every Flavor of White Man (Apollo 13)

Silvana and Tegan watch Apollo 13, since Season 4 Episode 12 Tangent was basically just Apollo 13, but make it Stargate. Silvana and Tegan discuss the movie and also the state of racial and gender diversity in American Film in the 1990s (spoiler alert, it is lacking!). Also, how wonderful of a person Tom Hanks seems to be. To our non-American listeners, what do you think of this movie? Is it Americans puffing up their egos? Do you enjoy it? Let us know.

Bonus 26 Apollo 13SG1 Event Horizon Podcast
00:00 / 32:52
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